Return to Love

Are you thinking of leaving your relationship?
Perhaps you have already left and are wondering if you made the right choice or perhaps you are in the throes of separation and divorce with all the turmoil and uncertainty that brings.

Just for a moment caste your mind back to the instant that you first met. The first time you ever saw each other wherever that happened to be.

I found myself doing this very thing as I looked out of the tube train window and saw a poster which read ‘It all Started in Egypt’. There was a picture of a typical Red Sea resort and a smiling romantic couple. And it got me thinking. Where did it all start for you? The reason I’m asking you this question is to see if, even in your mind, you can return to love.

Returning to Love does not mean you have to fall back in love – some of you would not even want to contemplate that and others would simply love it if they could. No, Returning to Love means finding that place in your heart that remembers that you once loved the person you are now in conflict with. Remembering that you once saw all the best parts of each other. It didn’t matter if they squeezed the toothpaste tube in the middle, ate baked beans in the middle of the night or left their towel on the floor; you looked past it with love. In fact it was almost cute. Now, whatever they do can send you over the edge and evoke a reaction that even surprises you.

Returning to Love allows you to see once again the qualities that still exist in your partner if you could rub the clouds from your eyes and the erase the thoughts in your head. Again, that’s not to condone unacceptable behaviour. Its more about keeping your heart open to love so that when you are ready to find it again or it finds you, it can enter freely without having to pass through the ‘security gate’ guarding your heart. There is nothing in the way.

I know it may be hard right now, but just for today, would you be willing to remember the love that you once felt and imagine, just imagine, that your partner is still the same person underneath the layers you two have created together – and by the way, you are the same too? Someone said to me ‘you know the sun is always shining, even when the clouds seem to block it out, its still shining’. I think that goes for all of us. We are always who we really are in essence, its just that sometimes we forget to remember and then its very hard to hold on to the love that we once felt. But it’s there regardless.

If you are thinking of leaving your relationship or want to find out how to make it so much better than it is right now, I'd like to help.  Go ahead and email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

From my heart to yours,
Francine x


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