First Date to Soul Mate

You’re ready to meet Mr or Mrs Right. Or maybe you’ve just met them. So you are excited and full of hope and you intend to become lovers for life. And it feels sooo good!

But, whether you are first time around or doing it again, I can tell you it’s beyond crucial that you lay solid foundations to ensure Your Relationship Will Last a Lifetime.

You see, most couples believe that love is all you need to make it work. Certainly it’s gets you to a point. But what happens to your love when there’s an upset? What happens when your love gets put to the test? Since neither of you came with an ‘operating manual’, it takes a good deal of trial and error to overcome the hurdles and obstacles. And even when you do, these ‘tests’ often leave some dents in the relationship that are hard to erase.

From First Date to Soul Mate is that Operating Manual. In just under 12 Hours You’ll learn how to go from First Date to Soul Mate with a ‘Personalized Operating Manual’ that explains how to meet each other’s needs and your own, at all times. From the most trivial of tiffs to your more challenging issues, First Date to Soul Mate is the most Amazing way to an open, respectful, lasting and truly happy relationship.

  • Imagine Understanding:
  • Every one of each other’s differences, their likes and dislikes
  • The right way to support each other whatever challenge you face
  • How to agree about the finances, holidays, time together and apart and everything else you can think of
  • How to handle each other’s families and friends
  • How to connect with each other’s customs and culture
  • How to love your spouse the way they want to be loved
  • How to respect each other’s values
  • How to communicate in ways that build trust and creates compassionate understanding
  • How to put the relationship first
  • How to safely express yourself without fear of misunderstanding
  • How to understand that both your backgrounds can influence your reactions to each other and situations that arise
  • How using one imple Skill Will Resolve Any Issue
  • How to Create a Shared Vision For your Future

Just think about how reassuring it will be to know how to handle all of this before you live together or marry? First Date to Soul Mate delivers all of this and much more.

Why Now?

Because Right Now you have your best opportunity to Make your Relationship Work. I mean it!

Whether you have yet to meet or you’ve met the ‘right’ one, you can easily become one of those couples who hold hands at 80 and looks back at life, feeling very glad they spent it together. The truth you and I already know, is that it’s certain your relationship will go through the same up’s and downs that every couple experiences. Long term relationship is a marathon not a sprint. From First Date to Soul Mate gives you the vital skills right at the beginning of your relationship, which will put you in the top 1% of couples whose love will last. With knowledge like this, you’d have to work very hard to not to make it work!

So Here’s How First Date to Soul Mate works:

One x 30 minute Individual Skype or Telephone Session. This is an introduction call for you to tell me your hopes and visions for your relationship. If there are any specific challenges practically or emotionally or anything else that feels important to talk about, now’s the time to put it on the table before we begin.

One x 2 Hour Joint Face-to-Face Meeting. By the end of this meeting you’ll have a complete understanding of how and why you ‘operate’ the way you do in relationship. And you’ll begin to understand why you behave and react the way you do. You’ll have some truly eye opening ‘homefun’ to complete, to give you a thorough understanding of your reactions to situations, circumstances and how you respond towards the other.

Then we have…

Four x 90 minute Face-to-Face or Skype Meetings. I’ll show you how to use a specific dialogue technique that will immediately create respectful communication. You’ll gain the insight and understanding which allows you to cross an invisible bridge into your loved one’s world. The view is very different from there!

Your Added Bonuses Are That….

  • Everything we do together will be written down.
  • You will never leave a session without structured homework that deepens your learning and builds on our time together.
  • I’ll support you to create clarity at all times
  • You’ll leave each session feeling even more loving towards yourself and the other than when you arrived!

From First Date to Soul Mate truly is The Gift That Keeps On Giving. It’s simply the best Present you could ever give to yourself and to your next mate, because its the best investment for your future happiness together.

Again. Why Now?

Because investing in your future relationship at the earliest stages of dating when your hearts are open to eachother is much wiser than the alternative in years to come. So if you truly want take yourself from From First Date to Soul Mate, go ahead and contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and lay the foundations for Your Amazing Relationship.
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From my heart to yours,

Francine x

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